FBI Fingerprinting In DFW Texas

Advantage Fingerprinting DFW offers both in-office and mobile FBI fingerprinting services for your convenience.

FBI Fingerprinting Services

Apostille Reports

We provide fingerprinting services for Apostille Reports, often needed for entry into other countries, and other diplomacy needs.

Personal Review

For personal review services, such as for FINRA, We offer printing to be done on your FINRA card.


Adoption agencies often have fingerprinting requirements.  Our staff members will be happy to accommodate your adoption needs.

Court Matters

Many federal agencies require ink fingerprints for employment applications or other federal requests.


Most foreign countries requesting your fingerprints will ask you to be fingerprinted on a card or form. Be sure to receive your ink fingerprints on the correct form for your needs.

Other Reasons

For all other reasons, please contact us for more clarification so that our staff members can take care of your needs.

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Advantage Fingerprinting DFW

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